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Workplace Assessments and Investigations

Workplace Assessments

Have dissension in your workplace that you don’t know how to resolve? Is it causing issues that are affecting morale or productivity? Want a birds-eye view from an unbiased professional?

Bring Two Twelve Consulting in to complete a workplace assessment for you. This assessment will allow your staff to share with a consultant openly and transparently, ensuring anonymity. After staff are interviewed a report is provided that includes an overview of the trends and consistencies heard, as well as recommendations and next steps to move forward with. Need assistance with the recommendations, we can do that too!

Workplace Investigations

Do you have a situation arising with an employee over a potential human rights, workplace violence, bullying, or harassment issue? You need to act fast – we can help.

These issues are highly sensitive and need to be dealt with as soon as possible. Investigating these situations requires the use of sound investigative techniques and procedures. Two Twelve Consulting can provide practical guidance and experienced investigators that will help you deal with these concerns. Our expertise allows your company to move forward with comfort. We assist in ensuring appropriate action to correct the problem is taken, liabilities are minimized, and reoccurrence is prevented by taking proactive steps and measures.